A foreword....


Words have can have so much power, they can enable us to share our desires, vanquish our fears and tackle the issues we're perhaps afraid to speak of out loud.


And in this collection of Words from the Soul, that's exactly what I do. I tackle the topics we're afraid to bring up, I shout to the sky for the voices who can no longer shout for themselves but most of all, I inform.

The topics covered here can be difficult for some readers to process and can trigger painful emotions. I too suffer from those from time to time but with each post, it gets a bit better and I hope that in time, it can help someone out there too.


So please, join me, reach out to me and as always, if something you've read, heard or experienced makes you feel like you need help, contact a councilor or speak to someone you trust.

Take care my pretties, we're all in it together.




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